Online taxi

Ordering a taxi in Kyiv is becoming easier not only because of a large choice of offers. Information technologies make life easier in many areas, and taxi service MiMaks quickly implement them in their work. Our operator will response immediately on every phone call or online ordering via the internet.

Online taxi in Kyiv has strong advantages

You don’t need to repeat dial dispatching service every minute, because the possibilities of internet are endless. You need to spend a minute to fill in an application online, and in a few minutes you can open a door of the arrived car. Ordering taxi in Kyiv becomes simple and affordable. You can specify the route for the electronic order form quietly and without much excitement, which includes even such details as desired car capacity, availability of air conditioning or transporting animals.

  • Easy to fill in the application form. Simply enter the address of the order and the end point of the route. If you inform about the features of the entrance to your location it will accelerate the arrival of the car.
  • Rapid reaction. Within 5-7 minutes the operator notifies the arrival taxi. Do not forget  putting on your phone number, so that we can send you a text message or call.
  • Pre-order. You can order a taxi MiMaks for a specific time and safely deal with current affairs, without fear that your order would be forgotten or you would have to look for another car.
  • Informing about value. If you put in all your items in the form of online ordering, you can see the price of travel before confirmation application. This makes it possible to correct your desires according to financial conditions.

As you can see, taxi service MiMaks uses every opportunity to make life easier for the customer. If you are suspicious to all kinds of technology novelties you can order a taxi via phone call. Free local number and all mobile operators in Ukraine are working round-the-clock, operators are ready to communicate on weekdays, and holidays.