• Incognito. You can travel by car without attributes of taxi.
  • Driver. In unexpected situations when a person had to take part in the feast, and drank alcohol, or when person is tired after hard day driving can be dangerous for life. To avoid possible accident, just call the driver. The professional that understands perfectly how to drive any car, will take you in your car directly to the house.
  • Transfer. Arriving in time to the flight in airport or at the station, arranging meeting of passengers at Boryspil or Zhulyany and taking them to your home or to the hotel – is a common task for taxi MiMaks.
  • Car nurse. Your busy schedule does not allow for regular maintenance of the child to school, or to tutor groups? Responsible driver quickly and safely will deliver your child directly to the doors of the institution and give him into hands of a guard, head of the group or a tutor. The candidature of the driver is always agreed with parents.
  • Choosing a car to service for business and special occasions. Cars VIP or business class, minibuses for weddings, conferences or corporate events.
  • Freight at different distances in Kyiv and beyond.
  • Courier. Is also available delivery of documents, correspondence, packages and products from the supermarket to any address from hand to hand.
  • Technical Assistance. If the car battery is suddenly discharged, and the nearest service station is further than one kilometer, MiMaks taxi service is ready to help on the first call.

Taxi tariffs depend on the length of the route and starting point. The minimum distance is 3 kilometers. The cost will be different, if taxi was called:
– to the center of Kyiv;
– to other areas of the city;
– to the suburbs.

Expectation a car for a customer. During current order first 5 minutes of expectation are not paid. If the waiting time exceeds 6 minutes, then is charged all the time waiting.

Ordering the car class “universal” has different rates when within the city or outside it.

Hourly payment is calculated based on travel for 1 hour at distance not further than 15 km.

Tariffs on “Driver” are calculated as for 1 hour in the city, in other circumstances recalculation can be made.

Cost of services:

  • “Lighter”;
  • Express delivery;
  • Car for smokers;
  • Air conditioning in the cabin;
  • Transportation of an animal with the agreement of the driver;

Please check with the operator when ordering.

Minimum order for a minibus in the city is from 4 km.
Trips out of town and back can be ordered. Charging of waiting time starts with 1 minute.
If a van is ordered for the wedding to the normal tariff is added an additional cost. Separately paid by the presence of air conditioning.
In hourly order minimum time is 2 hours.

Tariffs for services of luxury class cars includes minimum value at a distance of 10 km. After 10km begins to be charged for every kilometer passed. Payment for expectation began being calculated from the first minute.

For weddings and celebrations we offer an economical option – car brand “Chevrolet.”
The average price category offers a selection of a car:

  • “Skoda Octavia”;
  • “Mitsubishi Outlander”;
  • “Hyundai Accent”;
  • “Ford Mondeo”;
  • “Renault Laguna”.
  • Special Offer – car “KIA Karens.”

Standard tariff includes payment for the route length of 15 km in 1 hour, further charging is charged per kilometer. A wrong order has a fine.