Attempts to find a job on a car often related with certain difficulties: tight schedule, excessive demands and low payment after which one can hesitates about the ability to find a suitable job. Taxi service MiMaks offers cooperation for drivers with mutually beneficial terms. You do not have to think how to use your car with a maximum benefit.

Driving experience and knowledge of the city – a good start at a taxi MiMaks

Job for drivers in Kyiv is available for applicants who have at least minimal experience as a taxi (at least 1 year). If you have a car or foreign brand van, we are waiting for you in the taxi service MiMaks. Our demands are reasonable and aimed at the productive cooperation.

Requirements for drivers:

  • driving experience for 3 years;
  • knowledge of Kyiv streets, the ability to navigate quickly and pick up rational route;
  • responsibility, honesty, ability to work with people;
  • pleasing appearance.

If you consider to satisfy our requirements, we are pleased to discuss with you the possibilities of working at taxi MiMaks.

Requirements for the car:

  • age of the car shall not exceed 10 years;
  • timely maintenance, absence of breakings;
  • maintain cleanliness outside and inside the car;
  • equipment for playing music or radio.

If your desire to work as a driver in Kyiv matches with the experience and capabilities of the car, please contact us in any convenient way. We will take a look on your documents, examine the state of the car and will make the decision after a personal interview.

Vacancies for operators in taxi service Mimaks

Participants wishing to work in a taxi dispatching service who know the city and taxi Navigator program, we invite you for an interview. If you already have experience of similar work or high ability to assimilate new knowledge, so we are waiting for you. Responsible people with the correct language – a wonderful find for a taxi. Ability of an operator calmly and confidently speaking with people, stress resistance help to create a positive impression of the company.